Our attorneys have more than 20 years of combined experience in insurance subrogation law. We are experienced negotiators and litigators, achieving solid results for our insurance company clients.

An Innovative Approach to Subrogation

Maximizing subrogation recovery for our insurance company clients motivates our firm’s commitment to developing and mastering new avenues of recovery. Our involvement in the recovery process begins at the scene of the loss. In conjunction with a network of specialized experts in a variety of disciplines, including engineering and design, code compliance, and fire origin and cause, we engage in scene and product inspections to ensure the preservation of evidence and to identify potentially responsible parties and theories of liability.

Fire Subrogation Services

Our special focus on fire science litigation makes our subrogation services stand apart from other subrogation firms. Our experience in prosecuting and defending claims arising out of fires has made us proficient at challenging and defending fire science experts and has given us insight into the efficient and successful recovery of fire loss payments for our clients. Our experience positions us to make credible and critical recommendations on the merits of a fire case and to take it forward gainfully.