Product Liability

As product liability attorneys, we defend manufacturers, designers, and retailers against product defect claims. In addition to our defense of products alleged to have caused fires, we have defended a variety of product failure cases in which the products have allegedly caused personal injury or death.

For Product Litigation Cases, We Become Experts on Your Product

When representing product manufacturers, our first order of business is to meet with our clients to fully understand their product. It is essential for us to understand potential failure mechanisms and results of in-house testing of our clients’ products.

We Know the Big Picture on Product Liability Lawsuits

We are acutely aware that individual lawsuits against product manufacturers have broad implications on issues concerning trade secrets, United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reporting obligations, and public perception. Thus, it is our top priority to maintain regular communication with design engineers, safety professionals, and experts in the field to set the stage for defense verdicts in these product liability cases.

Whether it is a product recall or an alleged product defect, we are committed to obtaining the best possible results for our product clients. By fully understanding their products and utilizing our knowledge and experience as litigators, we defend our product clients with care and distinction.