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Insurance, Arson & Fraud

Arson and fraud issues arise in a variety of insurance claims including residential and commercial property losses. As fire litigation attorneys, we appreciate the high stakes involved with such claims, from the cost of making the loss payments to the risk of bad faith litigation following the denial of claims.

Our Services

When our insurer-clients suspect that a property loss is not covered as a result of claim fraud, arson or an “intentional act” on the part of the insured, we provide legal counsel in managing the claim investigation and determining coverage issues to protect our clients’ interests.

At our firm, every effort is made to ensure that no fraudulent claims are paid by our insurer-clients. Our insurance coverage defense has resulted in a high percentage of claim denials which were not contested in court by the insured.

We are Forceful and Assertive When Pursuing Bad Faith Claims

When necessary, we continue our representation of the insurer throughout litigation of bad faith claims brought by insureds after claim declination. Our clients have never been found to have acted in bad faith after denying a claim based upon a fraud or arson defense.