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Fire Science & Product Liability

Tedford & Pond’s philosophy in defending products in fire science litigation is simple: begin with fire science principles and know the product as if we designed it ourselves. Our clients have come to rely on that philosophy and our experience in the world of fire science litigation.

A substantial portion of our fire science practice is devoted to defending product retailers, designers, and manufacturers against claims that their products caused or contributed to a fire.
Our clients include retailers, designers, and manufacturers of a variety of products, including, chemicals, lighting, heating equipment, motorcycles and many others. We have represented clients in cases alleging defective design or manufacture, as well as alleged inadequate or lack of warnings.

Exculpate the Product

Our manufacturer’s liability approach requires a vigorous defense of our client’s product throughout the investigation. Rather than take a passive approach, our attorneys work alongside the opposing experts during their fire scene investigation to establish our credibility with opposing experts and to help identify key pieces of evidence. We attempt to exculpate our client’s product at the fire scene and, if necessary, later at the product inspection.

Take an Aggressive Stance in Litigation

When product defect litigation does ensue, we remain aggressive. We utilize our knowledge of the product and fire science principles to gain a tactical advantage. We anticipate theories of liability and challenge experts’ credentials and methodologies. We ensure that we have engaged appropriate and qualified experts in defense of our client’s products. We are unrelenting in reducing or eliminating our client’s liability exposure.