For Fire, Product, and Tort Litigation, Tedford & Pond Takes Client Focus to a New Level

Tedford & Pond brings a singular client focus to your fire, product, and insurance litigation needs. By embedding a “know your client” attitude into our firm’s character, we succeed where others only strive. This working philosophy means we listen to you and your goals as attentively as we focus on the facts of the case. In that way, our process adopts your goals, melds them with our skills, and aligns both companies’ strategies to achieve success.

Tedford & Pond offers deep experience in five major practice areas:

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In all these practice areas, we understand your context, know the business implications, and will show you clear paths that lead to favorable resolutions, settlements, or trials. Whether it’s property loss, negligence defense, or a product recall, we pride ourselves in guiding your litigation proactively while enabling you to manage your broader business strategies more effectively.

Equally Proficient at Representation in Insurance Coverage Disputes

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Our practice also extends to the representation of insurance companies and insureds in coverage disputes. We are well-versed in analyzing policy language and applicable general liability law that spans multiple lines of insurance and casualty-property exposures at both primary and excess levels of coverage.

We encourage consultation at the first indication of a coverage question, whether upon the reporting of a new claim, or well into the investigative process. We are fully prepared to represent our clients as plaintiffs or defendants in declaratory judgment actions, working toward an expedient and favorable resolution of coverage issues.